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B618s-F450 Internet Speed Slow : 2mbs

For the entire month, the internet speed has been 2mbs. Since August the 1st, the speed has been absolutely **bleep**. I've been getting 50mbs until August (I have speed test to prove it.). It's so bad that Its taken me over two hours to try and make a post a report a fault. It doesn't even load pages on this site. The app doesn't work because every page loads with, we couldn't retrieve your information. This is all a bunch of **bleep**. I'm paying R850 pm for no internet. Do I get back my money for this bull**bleep** internet? Nope. Do I get this issue resolved? Nope. This package is **bleep** and this wasn't the July package deal with that crappy fup in. I've signed this contract months ago and ever since the beginning of August I can't get proper speeds that I'm paying for. Fix this problem as you fools at telkom messed up. Don't give me information on what I can do on my end because I've tried all of it. The area is in Umhlanga Ridge. I have coverage and I've reset, disconnected etc. Your reporting system for faults are crap and I'm not going into the store because the guys that work their don't have any knowledge on how to fix this issue. Sort out your servers and towers. This is a problem on your side, not the router or area. Stop posting stupid messages and spamming messages with your fault links because it's getting annoying. For **bleep** sake I can't even connect with my phone. Either fix it or I'm going to stop the debit on the account from my bank because you can't seem to do your jobs properly.
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