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Dear Telkom,


I suppose all this started when I attempted, TWICE around March - April, to sign-up for your online R599 unlimited LTE wireless broadband deal. The first time: I provided my details to the sales person who had called me back, after which she told me that my application will processed based on the information I provided and that if approved I was going receive an sms with said order number and to arrange delivery of product  within 7  days etc etc. A week or so later, said number never arrived, I then approached one of your outlets (in Hatfield) to check the status of my application, whereupon I was told (based on my ID) there is no standing order. From that, I had summarily give up because of your very poor service delivery. So much so I twitted about my said frustrations on the 27 March.

However, your relentless sales people contacted me again on the 1st April, managed to convince me (despite my disillusionment of your services) to try and sign-up for this (“limited offer”) deal again. So I found myself going through the effort of applying for the deal using your online system in which a unique track code (#010416160546) was issued after providing said information. And yet again, no order number was issued or given to me after I had submitted my request for said product. This time around, I did not bother to follow up on the matter.

But that was not to be the end of my relationship with your company, this time it promised to be a happy sales ending – or so I thought. I was contacted by one of your outsourced sales rep (Mondo/Rewards Co.) around the 20th April. In which they successfully managed to sign me up to your 5GB SmartBroadband Wireless deal for R199pm/24 months (for which I was charged an admin fee of R149.00 – something I think is outrageous, but a complaint I decided to not peruse). I subsequently received 3 sms’s from Telkom and/or its representatives. (Dated 22, 25 and 26 April – attached as screen grabs).

Fast-forward to the 28th April, pursuant to the sms’s dated 25 and 26 April, a package with order number similar to the one on sms dated ‘26 April’ arrived, I accepted it under the assumption that this was my 5GB SmartBroadband wireless deal (find scanned ‘attachment_1’). However, in just under 4 hours, a second delivery arrived (find scanned ‘attachment_2’), this time marked as being from Mondo/Rewards Co. My confusion set in at this point, I accepted that package too but with the assumption that an error had been made on Mondo’s part (I assumed it was the Huawei Tablet they tried to sell along with smart broadband deal – which I had declined). Upon checking the package, I realised it’s the similar LTE B315 Huowei router that I had already received. I proceeded to try and resolve the confusion by 1st calling Rewords Co (031 533 3000: 15h49 – 28 April), who referred me to Mondo (061 123 8888: 15h58 – 28 April), whereupon I was assured by the consultant that they sent me the correct package associated with the deal I took from them, she suggest I contact you directly (Telkom) to ascertain the origin of the 1st package.

I then contacted your call-centre (081 180: 16h04 – 28 April using my 061****318 number), where I spoke for 44min 27secs to one of your agents (Nontobeko). I relayed to her my confusion, asked her ascertain why/how it is I was sent the other package by them. She collected all the relevant information (my details, the order number, device IMEI and Sim ICCID No):

  • She told me that the order number I provided her did not match the one visible on her system.
  • And that the one visible to her system had since expired/not executed. As such, I shouldn’t have received said package (related with the Unlimited LTE package - which had since been out-of-sale).
  • She assured me that she will escalate the matter to her superior(s) who would then follow up on the matter.
  • She suggested I contact the sales team myself or deliver the package at your nearest branch – I subsequently told her that that is an inconvenience I was not willing to bare as this was not my fault but yours (Telkom); and that my calling have fulfilled my ethical obligation to notify Telkom of the apparent error.
  • She again assured me that she will escalate said matter, and that the relevant people will contact me.

Now up until my sending this email, I had not received any telephonic communication from Telkom to this effect. Nor did I initiate any, a consequence of my having my life to run and the fact that the onus still lies with Telkom to contact me (as assured by one of your agents). However, upon being notified by my bank on the 31 May, that a debit of R984.44 (instead of the anticipated ~R199), I realised something was amiss. I then went through my all my subsequent communication by/from you, only to realise that I had overlooked an invoice you sent on the 04-May which alluded to my being billed for the Uncapped wireless contract as well (NOTE: this was/is the ONLY communication from/by Telkom to unequivocally indicate that or reference the uncapped wireless contract – to date).

In short:

I hereby request that Telkom cancel the contract (334877673 or 0817281143), and refund my account with said funds, and take necessary measures to recover their devices. On the grounds that:

  • There was reasonable cause for me to assume that the contract was not in going to be in effect due to Telkom’s poor service delivery, and my 28th April communication with one of your agents to this effect
  • I had reasonably accepted the package under the assumption that it was the 5GB Smartbroadband Wireless package that I expected on that day from Telkom.
  • I took reasonable steps to inform them about the error. Thus the onus to recover said devices lies solely with Telkom.
  • And that I am have queried the invoice within a reasonable amount of time since date of receiving it 04 May – less than 30 days.
  • I have not used/opened the devices associated with said contract (they are all still intact – apart for my having opened the box in which they came)

I hope you will find that I acted in good faith, and that all of this was direct result of Telkom’s internal systems failures.

If this matter is not resolved (or attempts thereof) within 14 working days, I will proceed to lay a complaint with the relevant authorities that have jurisdiction on the matter (i.e., the National Consumer Commission).


Zakhele N. Nkosi

Telkom SMS 2.pngSMS 1Telkom SMS 3 (1).pngSMS 2Telkom SMS 3.pngSMS 3181939.JPGDelivery Receipt 1182029.JPGDelivery Receipt 2

Email: zakheleths@yahoo.com

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hi @Zakhele, I am sorry for the confusion, however this site is not manned by Service representitives. Rather, this site is for Peer 2 peer support. I would suggest taher going into a store to sort out the confusion, or contact our Service channels on - 


  • Contact us on our Social Media Channels
  • Chat to an Agent (an online chat with a Telkom representitive)
  • Reporta fault via SMS:    SMS "SERVICE" and your landline number to 30591. (SMS at no charge.)
  • Call the Call Center
    • Mobile: 081180 (free from a Telkom Mobile phone)
    • Home:   Sales - 10213  & Service - 10210 (free from a Telkom landline)
    • Business: Sales - 10213 & Service - 10217 (free from a Telkom landline)
  • Email us
  • Find a Store
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Re: Want to cancel contract application before phone arrives/ first debit order (changed my mind)

Hi Telkom mobile

I applied for a new cellphone contract 1-2 weeks ago (free me package with 500mb data with 128gb iphone 6) for R369 pm but would like to cancel my application.  I received an and saying I was preapproves and that the first debit order would go off in the next 3 days (see screenshot of message). 
Note I DO NOT want to take the contract out anymore and have the right to under thte Consumer Protection Act (CPA), i.e. as per the cooling off period legislation. I still have a 5gb data contract with telkom (#: 081 788 7114, account: 334697047) and I'm happy with that.
My ID is 8309155189084 and one of my telkom numbers is 081 382 3508. 
Kindly confirm request for cancellation of new contract application.
Alex Rodrigues
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Dear Mr. Zakhele

We have similar problems with telkom and there are many and i beg to wonder as to what is the purpose of this so called telkom community site where nothing is being done and we are made to look like fools.

I have already communicated with National connsumer commissioner who is A  Mr Ebrahim Mohamed with his email add  e.momamed@thencc.org.za

If you havent lodged your complain i urge you to do this .


Please distribute this information to all .


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