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Buy LTE data online by converting airtime to LTE Data

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Since we're all working from home during Covid19, i've been struggling to buy LTE data on Telkom website and Telkom app primarily because it cannot link my profile to my number and account. Usually when LTE data is completely depleted a OOB screen appears which gives you option to purchase new pre-paid data. The problem is sometimes this screen appears and sometimes it doesnt appear because daytime data is finished yet you still have nightsurfer data.


Below are steps on how you can make the OOB options screen appear so you can buy prepaid LTE data online by converting airtime to LTE data.

Step 1: Buy normal airtime for your LTE number on your banking app

Step 2: Go to this website 

Step 3: Select the option "Purchase a bundle from your current Airtime via the Web."

Step 4: On the drop down menu called "Purchase A Bundle" located bottom left of screen select "LTE / LTE-A Once Off"

**Note if you do not see the drop down menu on your screen, simply refresh you page and it should appear.

Step 5: Once you select "LTE /LTE-A Once Off" another drop down menu should appear which shows you different LTE data bundles. (for example 20GB daytime + 20GB Night time data - price ). Select the bundle you want.

Step 6: Click on "Purchase button

Step 7: Dependant on computer or phone you use, you may be asked to confirm you truly to buy the selected bundle. Click "Yes".

Step 8: Sometimes data works immediately and sometimes you may need to disconnect your data session and reconnect. (e.g. close your internet browser and open it again, then it should work)


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Re: Buy LTE data online by converting airtime to LTE Data

Hi Spokie,


I tried to log on the link you sent, however, the option "Purchase A Bundle" does not have a drop down

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Re: Buy LTE data online by converting airtime to LTE Data

I am fine with all the steps but when I click on "Purchase" absolutely nothing happens and I cannot finalise the conversion by clicking on "Yes". I have tried about five times and simply don't know what to do. Please help!Screenshot 2020-05-09 at 14.48.41.png

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