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Can the community advise if it is just me

Hi All. My first post. And that is simply due to two main factors. 1. Lack of signal (even when roaming) 2. The "My Telkom" platform not functioning.


Eg: I have asn LTE router and have specifically gone and purchased 2 external antennas hopeing that would assist with the reception issue....this is not the case. What I have discovered after countless hours positioning the antennas, is that its not the problem. The problem seems to be eratic / weak signal been transmitted into the suburbs and is constantly changing. Its not that I live in Poffadder, its Edenval. Bottom line, one wounders if the time effort and frustration already spent is worth it. Easy to say call the fault line....well...to save further frustration have eventually been beaten into submission on that one.


The My Telkom Platform


Simply, dont try change your options under Manage Subscription, or try live chat with a consultant...Refuses to change my out of bundle options and the Chat does just not WORK


Can one explain the drastic decline in the service as well as the quality of product Telkom is subjecting us to OR is it just my ignorance. I think not


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Re: Can the community advise if it is just me

I have exactly the same issue with my LTE router. Speed suddenly just dropped and is very erratic. Funny enough when I was not on contract I had great speed and no issues. I am back on a new contract for 2 weeks, with a brand new router might I add, and suddenly my problems started up again...

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