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Cancellation of Telkom LTE expired Contract

Good day


Kindly note that I cancelled my expired Telkom LTE contract at the end of January 2018 thus giving a full calendar month using the link that you keep posting to everyone -


I have now at the beginning of March received a renewed LTE CAP on my account which means I will now be billed for a service I am not going to use. I have in the meantime aquired a different means for internet. I called into Telkom the day after submitting my documents on the cancellation link mentioned above and spoke with a Taryn Olifant. I asked her to put me through to the cancellations department so that I could verify that they received my cancellation the day before. She told me that she cannot transfer me directly to the cancellations department and that they will contact me. I will just need to wait for them. So what do we do now? Must I first go open a case at the ombudsman before you can cancel my already expired contract? Or take to solcial media? To be honest I do not thing Telkom cares really. I expect someone to contact me urgently so that we can resolve this and I will NOT give another calendar month notice. You can leave my cap that has been allocated to me for the month of March and I will pay the last bill but after the month of March 2018 I do not want any further LTE service and should you continue to bill me I will simply reverse the debit orders and go open a case of theft against Telkom at the police station so get this right!

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