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Cancellation of an LTE contract

I signed up for a Smartbroadband Wireless 30gig LTE deal on the 12/03/2016. I do not have LTE signal at my premises, and would like to cancel this contract. How do I go about doing this, and do I have to pay any penalties for cancellation. I do not want wait for weeks/ months to have a technician come out to my premises only to be told that I do not have signal, and to have to pay for a service I do not receive. Can someone assist me with this. Case number - 18395769
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Re: Cancellation of an LTE contract

Have you been assisted yet? I wish you had applied for the Telkom LTE uncapped and I would gladly take over your contract
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Re: Cancellation of an LTE contract

Would also like to know what the penalty fee is if you cancel an LTE contract

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