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Castleview Telkom

Hey all,


I signed a contact form outside the castleview estate{Stone Arch} in the east of Johannesburg. The gentleman and lady were there with Telkom flags and seemed very knowledgable about Telkoms LTE packages. They just came to my house and said they are resellers of Telkoms product and just wanted to do a test which wasnt that great. The part of am wondering was they had a piece of paper that had all of Telkoms LTE packages (The 50gb promotoion package) and at the bottom of the page had a Completely Unlimted Package for R1199. I cant seem to find this package on Telkoms website and was just wondering if anyone knows about this package or were these con artists just wanting to case my house? I really hope its not the case but cannot find this package anywhere.


Thanks Matt

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Re: Castleview Telkom

https://secure.telkom.co.za/today/shop/plan/completely-unlimited-plan2/ if you choose one with a Samsung A5 = R 1199?

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