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Connection Status - Disconnected

I'm hoping anyone here can assist, we have the Smart Broadband Uncapped LTE wireless at home. (Huawei B315 Router) The status is currently disconnected & has been this way for 2/3 days. There is ample signal and there is 3G coverage. The connection light is still dark blue.
1. We attempted the reset & reboot to no avail
2. We called the Call Centre, did another couple resets, reboots & hard reboots to no avail
3. We have moved the router around the property looking for a change in the status to no avail
4. We called the Call Centre again to check coverage & to ensure the SIM was active & all is up & running

The strange part of this is we have two other tenants on our property who have the same router & package who are not having this issue. What's even stranger is that we took the router to my mother-in-law's place today to test & everything works perfectly.

Please could anyone assist with any information regarding this. We're at a loss!
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Re: Connection Status - Disconnected

I am going through the exact same thing now, did you manage to sort the issue out, and if so how did you manage to sort it out? please assist if possible Smiley Happy
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Re: Connection Status - Disconnected

Yes we did. Telkom never actually assisted one bit. There was a signal issue, we had to move our router around the house for hours until we could pick up 4G. My understanding is the Huawei B315 is not compatible with the 3G network. Once we picked up 4G, all is working perfectly again.
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