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Contract Cancellation

I have attempted to follow the online cancellation process (logging into the old self service portal) numerous times on different connections and browsers and keep getting the error "Unable to process your request".  No explanation, no guidance or how to proceed further.  I have attempted to fill out a manual cancellation form and email to Telkom, 10210@telkom.co.za but the address is apparently full and have I have received no response or reference number.  I have attempted to contact the mobile enquires email address, 180@telkom.co.za but keep getting bounced around to new consultants who I have to explain the problem to over and over again and who offer no solution. 


This is extremely frustrating.  I have complied with all requirements for notice period but I cannot even get the process started without a reference number. 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Contract Cancellation

Hi @Tak9471


Sorry this is happening to you, wish we could help - so frustrating. 


If still no joy,  ry message a complaint / dispute to a Telkom media support team & email it to support@telkom.co.za.  Include your contract details, copy docs, refs, dates, and latest bill.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Hope this helps.

Good luck,  please do keep us posted re what happens - might help others.

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Re: Contract Cancellation

Hi Kathy1


Thanks very much for the advice and support.  I finally managed to get the online system to provide a cancellation number.  Some tips that might help other users:


  • I used Microsoft Edge browser and the internet connection associated with my Telkom service
  • When uploading supporting documents, give it a few minutes before clicking accept conditions and continue.  The system does not provide any indication of upload progress and I suspect that if you continue to the next step too quickly, it generates an error message. 
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Re: Contract Cancellation

Hello @Tak9471


You're most welcome & thanks for updating  - great that you got the ref !


Your tips will defiintely be helpful to other users. Hope the entire process works as promised, good luck  - please let us know what happens .






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