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Coverage Lies >:-(

I am livid! its currently 01:05 am and i havent been able to use my night surfer data. I acalled the call center and was told i have no coverage in the area even thought my network bar shows full service and "TelkomSA LTE". After a back and forth with the consultant, about me not having coverage, she dropped the call. I called again and was told i did infact have coverage ans they cant explain why i cant use the Telkom night surfer data. To make matters worse i have a pending case thats been "logged" for 5 days now about Mo Nice budles not registerng in my account and they are about to expire and di havent heard anything from them. 


Is anyone else experincing the same problem or is it just me? Do Telkom consultants use the same system we use to check coverage or...?

Does anyone have a fix to this or how easy is it to port to Vodacom? 

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Re: Coverage Lies >:-(

Hi Que


In my experience, the Telkom night time subscribers are way to densely populated and I am also getting very low speeds due to network congestion / internet supply congestion. Sometimes my connection crawls at a half a megabit.


Unfortunately no network is completely unlimited. For the low pricing of the night surfer, I can imagine many people would be signing up for it.



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