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Cr*p LTE

So I'm paying R1k per month for LTE that


a) Constantly stops working for no apparent reason

b) Have download speeds of < 10Mb on a good day but on average would be < 5 and often so bad that even loading HTML times out.


This is using the E5186 always with 3-4 bars showing. When I use my Glalaxy S5 hotspot with MTN service in the same location it is like day and night.


My question - Since this is a contract, is there anybody who has been succesfull in cancelling their contract on basis of contract breach? I pay ALL the money EVERY month whereas they provide a usable service about 50% of the time and even then I have to use my own time to get them to deliver this. I am so sick and tired of this crap useless non-service!

Established Member
Posts: 17

Re: Cr*p LTE

This is what I get for the R1000 hellkom steals from me each month


LTE Whoooooo


LTE Whoop Whoop


FAST one!!!

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