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DHCP / DNS Failure IP 197.229.*.*

I've notice a major network routing issue with Telkom LTE B315s routers and LTE access points. My IP address continously changes throughout the day. I am unable to access my servers or login to my account profiles as it continously kicks me out due to my IP address that keeps on bouncing.


I've logged a support inquery but haven't received any assistance. It's been nearly a week where I am unable to do my work. I've also had another client of mine contacting me with the same LTE plan with Telkom and he was also unable to access his webmail.


I'm able to access my server via Hotspot from my cellphone but not via Telkom. Believe it or not, Telkom will most probably be looking for their full invoice amount by the end of this month which will be R1053,00. 


I would like to lodge a complaint. Where can I do so?  

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Re: DHCP / DNS Failure IP 197.229.*.*

Hi @Pzincke


Not sure if yours is the same issue but Telkom is apparently working on APN / DNS problems this week.   You might find this MBB thread useful :-


Telkom Incoming Ports blocked - use 'unrestricted' APN



“It looks like Telkom may have silently introduced a unrestricted APN in the same way Vodacom has. We did a quick test here at the office and it appears to be working. If your router supports custom profiles under dial-up set the APN to: unrestricted and see if it works for you.” 


Hope it helps.

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Re: DHCP / DNS Failure IP 197.229.*.*

Hi @Pzincke


Sorry - and to answer re complaint . You can inbox details to a Telkom media support team - they usually respond well with decent  feedback :-

Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:    @telkomza


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