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Data depleted

Hi there


So i have a Telkom Mobile Data sim - which gives me 10gb per month ... I use it on my iPad. I had it for a good few months/years now and have been happy with it.


Now in Sept and Oct 2016 - within the 1st week of the month (1st 3 days of Sept i think), all 10gb has been used up and rest of the month it remains so - no data. I don't download any data (movies, series, games, etc) and i usually use the device as a hotspot (for which i do change the password now and then) for 2/3 other mobile devices but that too not for extensive usage (at most it is WhatsApp, FB, Instagram, Skype, app/software updates)

Also previously, I've had MANY months where i dont even use ALL 10gbs so this is extremely strange and unacceptable - would be great if after this is sorted, that extra data carries over to next month and is rather not lost.

I called in to Tlkom and got  a ref number but just got an SMS telling me that there was no unusual data depletion. Which is not true ...


I also have been buy data for a few times up to R200 but that too has been used up profusely without and signal as to where - i havent had the hotspot on, ALL my apps have been switched off from using the data, background app refresh is off.


Please let me know ASAP. Waiting for this to be resolved and reimbursed soon.





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Re: Data depleted

Hey @YatishBM, this forum is us members helping each other. Telkom does not handle service related queries here, so best to take it up with the call centre again.


That said, you are making your data usage someone elses problem. I for instance know that in the last 2-3 months my iPhone and iPad have both updated to iOS 10, iOS 10.0.1, iOS10.1 & iOS 10.1.1 all being quite large updates. My Windows laptop did an update to Windows 10 which was very large. Then there is the issue of Facebook auto-playing videos on my wall. Also with a faster LTE speed, YouTube suddenly started streaming in full HD (just 1 hour of 1080p HD video can be about 3Gb of data). These days, 10gb is like putting R100 petrol in your car for the month.......just saying Man Wink

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Re: Data depleted

I personally tyhink there is a big issue with their usage tracking, but since they are not man enough owning up, they always point the finger at the user making assumptions about how the user browses and what.


I have 2Gb on an integrated sim. The phone shows I used 247Mb. The session history records on the site shows a total of 247Mb. Yet i "reached my 2Gb". Then they have the audacity to tell me that I do not know how my cellphone works and that used data is not refundable. I for one am extremely disappointed in moving to a company that fraud is fair...

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