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Data going too FAST. IMPOSSIBLE! Please check.


Hope i'm helped as a matter of urgency.

I have two contract accounts. One with 20GB and another with 10GB day and night. 

The latter modem's data does not last 3 days,used now and then, compared to my other phone networks i'm using for the same purpose. I had this  Telkom Sim modem for a year, and it's pathetic. 

I logged a call for it to be looked at, upgraded, or reset, as I'm sure there's something wrong with the data going so fast. Up to now, the logged ticket is standing at the status of "logged" for 2 months now. NOBODY looked at it, NOR did anything change on the modem data. 

Ref: 27430803

PLEASE CHECK what's wrong with this modem and why the data goes so fast. As said, it is not normal, and don't give me the excuse it's data it's sucking up. 10GB can't be gone so quick, even if i don't use it and the modem is off!

RESET, UPGRADE, or do something your side on the modem. 

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Re: Data going too FAST. IMPOSSIBLE! Please check.

I have the same problem, for the past 3 months, the same day my data is supposed to be replenished, there's already 20G used and I haven't even used it.. 

Telkom is robbing us and if they don't fix this we'll expose them on all social media platforms coz they don't follow up either 

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Re: Data going too FAST. IMPOSSIBLE! Please check.

No solution yet or answer from Telkom...
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