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Device Cancellation Grief

I need some help from the more experienced community members here.


I had a telkom 20+20gb (Freeme 20gb (or freeme 40gb, can't remember)) package from telkom for about a year and decided to upgrade to uncapped through the self service portal which worked perfectly and and I received a Freeme Unlimited only to realize that the Freeme Unlimited is a VOICE package and NOT and DATA package (because logic) and after spending about 2 months trying to get telkom to move the package to uncapped data they told me to cancel the package and get a new package since they are unable to rectify the issue. 

I proceeded to do so and received my new package and cancelled the old one at the same time while I was in the store (Telkom Cradlestone mall) and it has been 3 or 4 months now of my package still being active and being billed for at R1100 a month.


I have called them mulitple times, went into the shop twice and I keep getting the same answer, the Cancellation Department is having problems cancelling the device and they will escalate it. But nothing is coming of all my endless hours spending on the phone with Telkom dealing with the seemingly useless service I am getting. 


Surely someone here has had trouble with cancellation and managed to get it resolved and I am in need of your advice.

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Re: Device Cancellation Grief

Hi @Zondorf


Sorry to hear of your plight, very frustrating for you.   Try calling their accounts 10210 with your cancellation ref & contract details, and log an accounts dispute for the cancelled portion of your monthly bill. I found them very helpful. 


If that doesn’t work,  send a detailed message to a media team for decent response & results.


Sorry but Telkom won’t attend your post here, ( we’re customers in the forum) -  hope this helps, good luck. 

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