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Did that just happen? I am disgusted

So Telkom called me once again today after I had sent a dozen of emails and messages on social media, yay right? Uhm no.... So what happened is that right after I answered my phone they put me directly on hold, the agent didn't even greet me or introduce themself to.. Straight on hold for 35 minutes, had to leave whatever I was busy with so I could answer this phone call.. I have heard many terrible stories about Telkom but I never thought I would experience them first hand.. I don't think I will ever get my LTE uncapped.... I don't even know what else to do.. I am in disbelief
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Re: Did that just happen? I am disgusted

Good heavens you didn't MOVE to Telkom did you?  I only know of people including myself who move away from Telkom for internet services.

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