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Differnt data types on wireless LTE package

Re: Different data types on wireless LTE package

Expiry dates of various LTE bundles

I am trying to figure out some odd expiry dates. I am subscribed to SmartBroadand 50GB with a doubling up of data. Today is 5 Feb 2019, so I would expect that these bundles expire at the end of February 2019. However, I have the following reported data available today:

1 - Recurring LTE night surfer data: 51200MB, expires Feb 28

2 - Recurring LTE Anytime data: 51200MB, expires Mar 31

3 - Inclusive data: 45162MB, expires Mar 31

4 - Included Telkom Mobile Night Surfer data: 45987MB, expires Feb 28

5 - Recurring LTE Anytime data: 9378MB, expires Feb 28

6 - Inclusive SmartBroadband data: 0MB, expires Feb 28

7 - Wi-Fi Data: 10204MB, expires Feb 28 


So I understand "Antime" to mean you can also roam via MTN if Telkom signal not available, and Wi-fi is for relavant hotspots only. The non - Anytime bundles are available via Telkom transmitters ony.

However, why do some bundles only expire end of March (does that mean there is accumulative carry over to March if all the data not used up in Feb?), and what is no. 5 all about, as it seems to be same sort of bundle as no. 2, so why the repeat line?


Posts: 3

Re: Differnt data types on wireless LTE package

I spoke to Telkom about this. It seems they now rollover unused data to the next month (one month only). So if you have data left (not sure if it applies to night-time data as well) that data becomes anytime data (i.e. available from Telkom as well as MTN transmitters) that is added to the next month's allocation. The amount of rolled over data is indicated as item 5 in my list, i.e. Recurring LTE anytime data - 9378MB in my example - in the previous post.

This "item 5" data will be used first in the month, and once used up the system starts subtracting from the usual beginning of month allocation, according to Telkom.

That is thus the explanation for the different expiry dates. Apparently this is now being done in pre-emptive compliance with ICASA demanding that unused data be rolled over.

It would be nice if TELKOM had made this information available on their website or customer accounts. emails. SMSs etc. . . .

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