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Do I really get 20Gigs?

I had I-Burst for about 2.5 years - 20gigs anytime + 20gigs night time. In the 2.5 years I have NEVER run out of bandwidth. Only problem was that it got slower and slower over time, to the point where I decided to change to the very attractive Telkom 20-20gig package (same structure as IBurst)for slightly less than the Iburst, and a lot faster.


Within the first 11 days I "used" my full pro-rata 18gigs anytime bandwidth. I have not changed my browsing habits or added any new devices on my network.


I contacted the call center and the guy that I spoke to told me its like a car - if you drive faster then you will use more fuel!!! I almost fell off my chair when he said that. Anyway he said the tech dept would call me back. They did call me - at their leasure whenever they were not busy - call once and reports that there is no answer (off course if you call back you simply get to the call center again). On a few occasions I only got the message that there is no answer without receiving a call. If this happens 3 times they just close the case and call it "solved". Then you have to go through the whole process again and get a new reference number and "they will call you".


This is the second month that I have the package. Within the first 15 days of the month I again "used" all of my 20gig anytime bandwidth. remember there was no change in browsing habits at all. How is this possible. Telkom is stealing bandwidth from me by possibly multiplying it on their side. Thats the only logical explanation. Otherwise I would have run out of bandwidth when I had I-Burst.


If I can just get in touch with someone that can explain this to me (and not act like I'm an idiot by telling me the car story)

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Re: Do I really get 20Gigs?

@ChrisOtto, the fuel story is hilarious. I think in this case the bandwidth is more like distance. The faster your line the quicker you can cover your set distance. How many devices do you have connecting to your router? It is always difficult to track usage across multiple devices. Windows 10 does it nicely and your mobile devices can give you a breakdown of how much data each connection type uses (WiFi, 3G etc..). I know that the operators cant tell you what you used your data on, but I am sure they can give you a breakdown of your daily usage so that you can see if you are using the data.


Also change your Wifi SSDI and passphrase to ensure that those around you cannot get onto your Wifi router.

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Re: Do I really get 20Gigs?

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Everything you say makes sense off course. As far as the pass phrase goes - I have a set rule to change it weekly although the outgoing signal doesn't reach beyond the confines of my property.

My argument remains - no changes to usage patters (less usage in fact) and no extra devices, yet unreasonably more usage. Where 20gb was [more than] sufficient before (with Iburst), I now need at least 25gb to see me through a month. How is that possible?

Chris Otto 
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