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Do Technicians ever attend to LTE-A faults?

Since my entire family require wifi access at home, I took out a R1000 a month contract for LTE-A. Living in Oaklands, I was assured that the coverage was more than adequate and that the download speed would be in excess of 10Mbps, with the uplaod speed not far behind. 


The contract was signed in December 2015 and came along with a Huawei LTE CPE (model no E5186s) router. Since then, on numerous attempts from different parts of the house, our download speed has yet to exceed 2Mbps (upload >1Mbps) and the service has been intermittent at the best of times. I've logged a call (reference no 18360428) about 2 months ago at the Telkom store in Rosebank after numerous phone calls to the call centre, and was assured that a technician would come out to assess the coverage and advise accordingly. Both my father and I have followed up the call at least 10 times each, have escalated the call, but have yet to be contacted by any representatives at Telkom. 


I tried of my own accord to hunt down a stockist of antennae for the said router, only to be told that the router in question did not have the required firmware to support antennae, in which case the attachment thereof would be useless. 


Any advice?

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Re: Do Technicians ever attend to LTE-A faults?

@IrateMan - Hi there, I think first to your over arching question - my answer would be - it depends.  Getting technicians out these days is very difficult and it won't happen until someone is convinced that there really is an issue, and that they need on site presence.  Even then you are likely to be on a waiting list so it won't happen any time as fast as you expect.


On the router and antennae ... I am not an expert on the device, but have seen others that might be - look at this thread for more info on it.  http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/686592-The-Huawei-E5186-LTE-A-discussion-thread  - generally i would say the following though, if it can take an external antenna as the info seems to indicate it will probably function closest to design state with said antenna.  Not having the right firmware level is hardly a good enough excuse not to have an antenna connected.  The firmware can always be updated unless there is a clear reason why the Telkom implementation won't be compatible with such a firmware update, and alternatively I have to say that the only thing that could be added by a firmware update is probably improvements in the way that it operates - efficiency etc.  Generally router updates can be done directly from the device's configuration page and it is self contained.  Sounds to me like you might be getting some bad advice.  A Telkom tech would probably not assist specifically other than to get someone to come out and install an antenna whenver they get around to doing it.  Just my opinion, thoughts and advice....

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Re: Do Technicians ever attend to LTE-A faults?

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I'm in the same area, technician did come out , verified issue and now nothing!! Your speeds are higher than mine however.


I am trying to find contract as it was done telephonically as I want to cancel this service. I believe another provider is currently rolling fibre in oaklnds so will look at that.



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Re: Do Technicians ever attend to LTE-A faults?

I have had a LTE A for 2 years and forgot the password. The 8ta store reset and now my wifi coverage is extremely poor and i cannot resolve. At the store they really dont seem to know how to resolve.

Can anyone assist?


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