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External Antenna LTE uncapped

I have received my modem with no antenna. After  a few hours of moving the modem around in the house i got LTE reception. My LTE speeds are on average 10mbps. I think that i should get the external antenna to get the speeds that was advertised with the deal. sometimes i only get 4mbps even late at night and early morning. Who do i contact or wher edo i log a call for the antenna to be delivered?

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Re: External Antenna LTE uncapped

Hi @frikkieza, you will receive a call to enquire about the service. At that point, if you indicate that the speed is slow a site visit will be arranged to determine the next step (which might include an antenna)

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Re: External Antenna LTE uncapped

@frikkieza You will nt receive a call and no one will help you to get the antenna. It depends when you signed up but look here.



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