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External LTE Antenna - Do I REALLY Need It?

While still waiting to be phoned by an antenna installer, I am wondering whether I really need the antenna to be installed on the outside wall of this rented flat situated on the first floor (not ground floor). Is it necessary to go through all of that, have a hole drilled through the wall, and all that mission if my connection experiences are as follows?

  • My download LTE speed in Fish Hoek, WC, is usually between 20 and 30 Mbps. Once it was up to 38 MBps.
  • My Huawei B315 modem/router is always showing all three signal bars lit up.
  • My connection to the modem, as shown on the laptop, always shows as Excellent

Will an external antenna significanly improve the actual speeds I'm getting, or is that dependent on the tower's ability to get a good signal from the tower to the Worldwide Web?


I do the kinds of activities that fall within the 'uncapped' fair usage parameters of Telkom's Uncapped offering, and am not really dissatisfied with the usual speeds I'm getting. So, I wonder whether in my situation there is any need for the antenna installation.


Any input would be most welcome. Thank you.

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Re: External LTE Antenna - Do I REALLY Need It?

Hey @GavinSA, sounds like your speeds are good enough for what you do online. Of course it will improve the experience even more, but like you say, is it worth the effort? Probably not necessary

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Re: External LTE Antenna - Do I REALLY Need It?

Thank you, @LordLethal. Your input is much appreciated.

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Re: External LTE Antenna - Do I REALLY Need It?

Usng a fixed outdoor antenna can be compared to using a fixed outdoor satellite dish or or fixed TV antenna on top of your roof. It is reliable, rigid and provides consistent performance. Using the bunny ears on your router is like using indoor bunny ears on the TV like in the old days. When you have problems and things suddenly don't work, you will always wonder if it could be that your antenna is indoors and falling around your desk all over the place. This is one good reason to use an fixed outdoor antenna. The signal remains reliable, strong and consistent giving you the best speed.


Another good reason is that the fixed outdoor antenna is cross-polarised. a special characteristic of LTE technology that is needed if you want to acheive the maximum data rates quoted by the technology. 


I would just do it, otherwise your life will never be complete Smiley Happy

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Re: External LTE Antenna - Do I REALLY Need It?

Hi Gavin,


hope you got the antenna.

i too was getting decent speeds - anything from 10 to 30 mbps. Telkom delivered my antenna, but didn't install as i was "quite close" to a tower.

however, i took it upon myself to sort out the installation - guess what???

averaging 50 to 90 mbps during peak hours, and no "dropping" signal during inclement weather.



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Re: External LTE Antenna - Do I REALLY Need It?

Hi Vicky, tell me, which antenna did you get? 

Im currently looking for an antenna that is compatible with the Huawei B315 router. Do you possibly know which antenna i should be looking into? 


Some antenna's have a different cord connection so it gets confusing. Would hate to have to buy one and it doesn't fit into my router

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Re: External LTE Antenna - Do I REALLY Need It?

Does anyone know of a reputable company that install antennas, test signal strength and provide solutions..?
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Re: External LTE Antenna - Do I REALLY Need It?

an external is neccessary and it will boost the signal if you choose the right antenna.

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