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Extremely slow Internet between 18:00 - 22:00 Highveld Park

For the last month, I have had slow to no service on my LTE-A during the day I can reach speeds of up to 29mbs, but come 18:00 when people are home I cannot use my internet. Is it because the tower is being oversubscribed or is there a technical issue at the tower? LTE-A is the only service besides ADSL in my area. When I contacted support this morning I was told that they cannot do anything for me during "Peak Hours". This then means I am paying for a service that only runs when I am not at home and that I cannot enjoy Showmax or Netflix, don't even try Youtube when I get home. I am at a loss for words. What can I do? By the way, my arial was never installed by a technician, however I get a full strenght connection to my Router.


My discussion went as follows:

11:57:46 AM) Mpho> Thank you for contacting Telkom, you are chatting to Mpho Mokwalase. How may I assist you?
11:58:28 AM) (u'Lionel Smith',)> I have been using my LTE A with Telkom for the past two years. For the past month between 18:00 and 22:00 i get speeds of less than 1mbs, I can't stream Netflix or Showmax
11:59:13 AM) Mpho> Thank you for the enquiry Lionel.

12:02:34 PM) Mpho> Kindly note around 6 it is peak time most peopel are connected to the network.
12:03:13 PM) (u'Lionel Smith',)> This is not acceptable that I cannot use the line at all. What is the use of having the line? It has only been the last month.
12:03:39 PM) (u'Lionel Smith',)> It seems as if Telkom has over subscribed the tower.
12:05:06 PM) Mpho> Step 1: Once logged into your web management interface, click Settings.
Step 2: Click Dial-up.
Step 3: Click Network settings.
Step 4: Click the Mode change it to 4G only.
Step 5: Click Manual.
Step 6: Click Apply and Wait whilst the device searches for available networks.
Step 7: When it shows the available networks, Register on Telkom 4G.
12:05:36 PM) (u'Lionel Smith',)> I have done that without any difference.
12:05:49 PM) Mpho> Lionel kindly use the steps when experiencing slow network.
12:05:59 PM) (u'Lionel Smith',)> It gives me full bars link on the device, yet data only trickles through
12:11:28 PM) Mpho> Lionel,
12:12:25 PM) (u'Lionel Smith',)> Yes
12:12:32 PM) Mpho> Plaease note that during peak hours we cannot assist further as a lot of customers are connected to the internet.
12:14:18 PM) (u'Lionel Smith',)> Please tell me what I am to do? I can't watch TV or anything as the line is useless. Does that mean I will be getting a discount on my account for not being able to use the Internet every night?
12:15:52 PM) (u'Lionel Smith',)> It is basic physics, if you allow too many people to use a tower everyone suffers. We were told at the outset of this account that there would never be more than a certain amount of users on the tower. HAs this changed?
12:16:59 PM) Mpho> Unfortunalt we cannot provide you with a discount as the issue only happends during peak hours
12:17:50 PM) Mpho> I apologise for the inconvienence Lionel.
12:18:12 PM) (u'Lionel Smith',)> You are not answering my question, what is the alternative? I cannot accept that everyone can't access the system in "Peak hour" Meaning I have a contract for off peak use only. How does that make sense?
12:20:46 PM) Mpho> Unfortunalty we cannot provide you with a discount .I apologise for the inconvience .
12:21:29 PM) (u'Lionel Smith',)> So you are telling me, that I am out of luck and can not use the line between 6 and 10?
12:22:13 PM) (u'Lionel Smith',)> You realise I am going to place this conversation on Social media?
12:24:52 PM) (u'Lionel Smith',)> I think this issue needs to be escalated as I am not accepting the fact that I am not getting data during peak hours.

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Re: Extremely slow Internet between 18:00 - 22:00 Highveld Park

I have the exact same issue
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