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Free me social media probkems

So i know by now that the Social media data of 2gig does not include facebook or instagram. But if got the unlimited package and as soon as my 2 gif is finished my fb and insta stop working or gets throttled badly. How is this possible and what is wrong? How can it be fixed?
This happens even when i still have 20gig lte left.
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Re: Free me social media probkems

Good day, hope U got the problem fixed because ive got the same problem. I told telkom this about five times but they keep telling me my facebook and instagram are not throttled. You know this problem started when they introduced the social media data. Hope we can get helped.

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Re: Free me social media probkems

Please tell me you got help on this? Having the exact same problem... It throttles to 64kbps as soon as social media data is done... Making Facebook and instagram useless once the free me Social Media data is done. Which is so ridiculous. Logged a complaint to no avail.
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