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Full signal bars on B525 LTE router but slow speeds.

Hi guys

I have full bars on my B525 router, but the download speeds is normally between 1 and 4mbps. I have tested early morning and late at night, it stays the same.

Can you guys please provide me with settings to optimize my router.

Below is what i have tried so far.

I changed between the 2300 and 1800Mhz frequencies
I changed my network option from automatic to manual and selected Telkom 4G
I switched between Google and Cloudflare DNS settings
I changed my APN to TelkomInternet

Please let me know if i missed anything.

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Re: Full signal bars on B525 LTE router but slow speeds.

Hi MrOpportunity


Dont pay too much attention to what the signal indicator says.


Determine what the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) is on the Device Information page.


RSSI should be around -51 or below and SNR +2 and up.


If you're struggling to get those numbers, I suggest you install an external antenna on the roof and point it to the nearest tower.



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