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Fure Hood - LTE ordered but not recieved



I ordered the Future hood LTE connection for R599.

the 1st payment have been deducted. A week has past, and i have tried to phone telkom several times now, to enquire when the device will be delivered.


When i phone i just get put through to department after department, no one seems to know wtf is going on and who is the person who can assist, or just no one want to assist.


My ID number is: 8211095002080.


How can i get this resolved!

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Re: Fure Hood - LTE ordered but not recieved

I had the same issue, they never contacted me once I needed to call them every time and hold on for like a hour to get through and when you get through they cant tell you anything usefull. But luckily mine was delivered yesterday

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Re: Fure Hood - LTE ordered but not recieved

Hi @Henning


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Re: Fure Hood - LTE ordered but not recieved

Well lets see. Tried both, yelded no results. Tried this place in the hopes of assistance, but guess you dont want to hel eather, all Telkom does is pass the buck...
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Re: Fure Hood - LTE ordered but not recieved

It takes about two weeks for someone to phone you back. Then another week for you to receive the modem and card. Then don't expect that the card is activated or working!!!!! I have been trying to get it activated for days now. Still no joy. The staff at the Telkom stores don't know what to do, or just won't help. I have been phoning their number and have been on hold for up to 45 minutes at a time, with no joy. Telkom also deducted the money from my account... Good luck, is all I can say.....

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