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Horrible Customer Support and Feedback

Case: 19437762
Date opened: 12/08/2016
Telkom actions taken: 3rd party contractor sent to my house to get screenshots I had been sending anyway.
Feedback I've provided: numerous screenshots almost daily of speedtests, device info, signal strength, and pings and traceroutes.
Feedback/info I get from Telkom regarding my issue: NONE
Actions taken by Telkom since 3rd party contractor visited my premises: NONE


Telkom does ONE thing really well when it comes to customer support, and that thing is logging a case. After that everything goes to ****. You get no feedback. You call in and and the customer service agent says that they can see your call was opened on such and such day and they put a little note on the case for the team dealing with it to provide feedback and updates... and then you wait, and nothing happens. You call in again and the customer service agent does the same thing as the previous one, because that's all they can do. They're not technical, they can't solve your problem (rightly so - they're just customer service agents after all). The issue is that the person or team to which the case is assigned isn't having to answer to the customers so they don't bother with updating anything or providing any sort of feedback on the cases. Hell, you don't even know if they're even really working on it. It's ridiculously pathetic.


I was happy with my service (the actual LTE service, not the customer service), and knew that I would remain happy as long as it ran without issues because getting one'sissues resolved by Telkom seems to be a more painful process than having bamboo shoots pushed under one's finger nails. I've now been sitting with poor LTE performance for a month... and ABSOLUTELY ZERO FEEDBACK FROM THE NETWORK TEAM WHO IS SUPPOSEDLY HANDLING MY CASE.


This affects my life in a big way. I don't subscribe to DSTV. I use streaming services and they are affected by the performance of my service. I used to be able to stream to multiple devices, or download updates in the background while stream. Now I'm reduced to doing ONE thing at a time. if I need to get updates, I can't stream. If I want to watch something, I better be sure that there's no updates running in the background or that my wife isn't busy watching something on her laptop. If I had an 8Mbps line I would be getting better performance than what I'm generally getting from my (up to) 90Mbps LTE service right now. General speeds before this issue was between 30Mbps and 40Mbps which I was happy with, coming from having a 4Mbps line before.


I'm hoping that there are other comparable services available from ISPs I know that do well with customer support by the time this contract is up. I had never used Telkom as an ISP before, and I would like to never have to use them again in the future.

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Re: Horrible Customer Support and Feedback

I have been trying to buy a new filter/splitter for my phone adsl for over 3 months now.  The nearest shop does not stock Only seems to sell cell phones).  If I want one seems I will have to travel 113 k's  to Durban for the pleasure.  Anyone got any ideas I live near Port Shepstone.  Ridiculous to spend R200+ to spend R70.

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Re: Horrible Customer Support and Feedback

@tillyd, you can try looking at Game, Incredible Connection and Matrix Warehouse

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Re: Horrible Customer Support and Feedback

local Game does not have.  Looks like I will have to trail up to Durban.

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