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Horrified by Telkom's Poor Service

Absolutely HORRIFIED at the service that we've received from Telkom! Our LTE internet connection basically gave up the ghost last Thursday (10th March) and we immediately logged a call. We have followed up nearly every day since, but they say there are no notes on the system and that someone will attend to the matter - within SEVEN days. In what world is seven days an acceptable SLA when were are so dependent on internet. We run a business from home, so have basically been unable to work at full capacity for nearly a week now, and no one at Telkom seems particularly bothered. Tomorrow marks day seven, and I'd be very surprised if anybody bothers to call us. Shocking s

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Re: Horrified by Telkom's Poor Service

PLEASE, can somebody please tell us how to at least STOP the "service"? Since 3 February we had three days of working ADSL, obviously billed in full, complete with one VERY unprofessional and one very good mannered technician, who eventually just wasted time. It meant more days off from work for us than we had a working service. If we just stop paying, we get blacklisted. The number we have to call, does not answer. This is not reasonable? WHAT DO WE DO NOW?

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Re: Horrified by Telkom's Poor Service

If you have LTE Uncapped I will gladly take over your contract since Telkom does not wanna call me back regarding my application
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Re: Horrified by Telkom's Poor Service

Try this one on for size.  I only have a telephone line.  Just costs R205 per month.


This month some other company listed their business under a Directory Enquiry service... but did it on my number.  Now I am getting billed for their service.  (I dont even know this company)


So I naturally reversed my debit order which was now almost R200 more than usual.  I immediately contacted Telkom to have them sort it out.


Now for the kicker... My invoice for this month is R 1 020.10 ... I am still expected to pay for the unauthorized Directory Enquiry service AND they are charging me R 190 for the mistake that the accounts department made.


Absolutely horrified... and I can kiss my credit record goodbye... because I will refuse to pay for this nonesense.


Does this not qualify as a Fraud attempt?


Be warned... we have no power... we only pay... and have no say.  Wonder if the rest of the world does business like this as well?


Anyone who wants to get stories together and take it to the media... contact me on

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Re: Horrified by Telkom's Poor Service

Good Day

Please can you assist i have logged a call for the fixing of my three business lines that is not working on the 26th of December 2018 it is now the 29th of January 2019 and still i do not have working lines i have numerous ref numbers we loosing so much money because of telkom i have emailed every possible person at telkom (Qaqamba Hlengiwe / and every time i Phone they tell me that they have escalated the problem to the technicians 
Some of my REF Numbers: 69KRZ020119
Please i am pleading for help there is 20 workers jobs on the line because of telkom business we cannot go on like this 
My numbers that is not working is 0114771482
Please can have some assistant it has been a month and i really think that should have been more than enough time for TELKOM to fix my lines by now
Thanks Gert

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