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How Choose which buddle to use

So I have Inclusive SmartBroadband Data and Once-off LTE/LTE-A Anytime Data which don't expire at the same time, I'd like to first use my Once-off LTE/LTE-A Anytime Data first then the Inclusive SmartBroardband but when I check data usage it the inclusive data is being used how do I specifiy which one to use 1st 

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Re: How Choose which buddle to use

I also have the same question.


And I don't want to accept that it can't be done because it will be extremely poor from Telkom not to be able to do it. 


I have 57.2 Gigs of Once off Anytime data that expires 03/06/2020


and Recurring Telkom Data that expires 01/08/2020


Yet Telkom takes from the recurring data. Please help me as it takes me ages to get hold of Telkom's customer care service

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