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How I solved my speed issues with LTE connectivity and speed at home

I've been batteling a while with the speed on my (stationary) laptop at home,
specially I was wondering that the speed on my tablet (secondary device)
was much better than on the laptop.
At one stage I was down on 0,5 mbps in the evening.
Even in the middle of the night I couldn't do downloads without discuptions.


For some time I thought that the Win 10 on my laptop would be the culprit.


I finally got enough of the snail speed and connected the laptop directly via a LAN cable to the wifi box.

Which sounds like nonsense finally made the absolute difference.
It was just the combination of the cheap (grrrrr - Telkom) Huawei wifi box
and the wifi adapter at my already a few years old laptop.


During my tests I found out


1. the best tool to test your speed is OOKLA. The test its self is here: http://www.speedtest.net/

2. the same OOKLA test is also available on Google Play for your tablet or smartphone.


You can create an account to compare all results on your laptop. 

The play stor version is free, the ads are inobtrusive.

Speedtest.net by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test - Mozilla Firefox 25082016 102050.bmp.jpgActual speed test on my laptopScreenshot_2016-08-25-10-16-00.pngmy results on my tablet, result on top parallel to the laptop

3. Also check your browser. Some add ons can slow down a lot.

I uninstalled my Firefox browser and reinstalled it from scractch and added step by step my favourite add ons.


4. If all if this does not help, check for a virus, trojan or ther maliciuous stuff.
I use a combination of ESET Internet Security, Herd Protect and Malwarebyte on my Win 10 PC.


As you can see from the two images, the laptop is now even faster than the tablet.


If you liked my post or if it helped you and if you are on Facebook,

you could please like my LIONS CLUB Facebook page. Thank you     Smiley Very Happy

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Re: How I solved my speed issues with LTE connectivity and speed at home

i have a speed issue with my LTE simcard that after i changed the tariff to smart broadband and loaded the 50gb night data it worked the first time but after loading it again the second time around the speed is so **bleep** slow its not even funny

i have my simcard in a phone and i use it as a hotspot 

how do i fix this slow speed as i was told the telkom 50gb night data is supposed to be sooo fast but it aint that way anymore


can someone help me please

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Re: How I solved my speed issues with LTE connectivity and speed at home

They work really hard to NOT help their customers when these are in trouble.


I helped my self with an externatl antenna. Luckily I could get a second hand one.



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