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How do I cancel my expired contract?

How do I go about cancelling my LTE contract which ended at the end of January 2018?  I would appreciate any help in this regard.


Thank you.

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Re: How do I cancel my expired contract?

Hi @njonas22, please read some directions in this post. Hope it will help






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Re: How do I cancel my expired contract?

Hi there,


I have cancelled my account by emailing the form with supporting documents and logging cancellations.


I have logged 2 faults today again. - all 3 case numbers below.


no one has confirmed my services are cancelled so that i can open a new account. I want to take out a new service & telkom lit device but cannot pay double. I just need help closing one thing to get the other.


Cancellation request

Ref: 22669925

  1. Logged08-03-18 11:0
Cancellation request

Ref: 22669561

Update details

Ref: 22571634

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