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How do you cancel a Telkom Service?

My husband has been trying to cancel our telkom line since september last year… and it has STILL not been cancelled and he is STILL being debited R600 per month for a service we do not have… PLEASE HELP………….. WE ARE DESPERATE TO CANCEL.  How do we get this cancelled and how do we get reimbursed. We have gone into the telkom shop, we have phoned, we have emailed... they all confirm its been cancelled, but we STILL get debited..... We are desperate... please can someone. I need the name of a competentperson who can assit us...

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Re: How do you cancel a Telkom Service?

I have been trying since January 2017. I have tried every possible way...


They don't honor email cancellation requests or online portal cancellation requests. (I have confirmations of cancellations) - You also can't cancel via phone or at a Telkscum branch. Telkom is literally stealing money from my business for almost a year and a half and my hands are tied...


Rather avoid Telkom and any of their services if you don't want to deal with incompetence when it comes to cancellation of service.

Good luck!

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Re: How do you cancel a Telkom Service?

For two months before relocating abroad from South Africa , we tried to close our WIFI account with Telkom. What a frustrating experience! We went twice to their Sandton City branch. They told us that we must cancel via the Telkom app. We tried that without success. We eventually left the country and till this date Telkom still debits our account each month. So annoying!!!

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