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How to get ideal LTE smart home setup

Hi, please advice. Hi have a standard wifi Huawei 4G LTE router, living in a +- 1700 Square meter home. Was thinking to connect it to a secondary Huawei 4g lte router to expand the coverage in the house as there are some dead/ weak signal spots in the house... please advice if this would work best or if their is a better solution for an uncapped 4g sim network.. we have 3 smart TVs that need to be connected, 1 with wifi and the other two need to be connected through a network cable. 4 laptops with wifi, 1 wifi enabled network printer, 3 dstv explora decoders one with wifi connector and two that need to be connected through network cables (decoders are connected to two dishes with two smart lnbs). 6 cellphones that need to connect through wifi, 16 wifi bulbs that need to be connected, a wifi intercom system that needs to be connected from the gate...

please advice on what would be the best way to eliminate dead spots in the house, and an amplified steady speed to cover all the above mentioned devices, what would be the best way to set them all up, and how?

We unfortunately don't have adsl/ fiber coverage in my area only 4G/LTE and I'm trying to build a ideal smart home which would incorporate smart fridges, keyless connected doors, network CCTV camera system, connected curtains and blinds, and all but that's just long term plan. For now I need the how to and setup of the earlier mentioned items connectivity
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