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Huawei B618 router

Hi, I would like to migrate from Telkom ADSL to LTE but not too keen to sign a 24-month contract. I have an LTE/LTE-A Huawei B618 router and would to like from the community whether it'll work on the Telkom LTE network.

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Re: Huawei B618 router

Hi, yes it will work. I suppose you have the B618s-22d? I am using that as well.

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Re: Huawei B618 router

Shall i use Huawei B618s-22d or B618s-65d for Telkom?

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Re: Huawei B618 router

someone told me the Huawei B618s-65d should be better than B618s-22d to work with Telkom. However, i found one oversea store for unlocked Huawei B618: https://www.4gltemall.com/huawei-b618-lte-cat11-router.html The seller told me the Huawei B618s-65d is not available now, they can't tell when the B618S-65D would be available. What a pity!

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