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Huawei B618 router

Okay, so my area is covered for LTE-A and for some reason my B618 only picks up 4.09mbps . I have a B315 router and i get speeds og 27.3mbps.


So same sim card, just different device, I have taken it to Telkom,  Technician Changed the APN, did a swip swop and still no joy.


Is there an advanced setting on the Huawei page ?


Telkom doesnt have an answer


Anybody ? 

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Re: Huawei B618 router


Im also sitting with the same problem. it is like the router never log's on to LTE-A.

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Re: Huawei B618 router



After setting the APN for your Huawei B618 router, you'd better manually search the network and register in the fastest 4G/LTE network. Sometimes, the router may automatically connect to 3G network and you may not know that. To connect the fastest 4G LTE network is the key point to get the fastest speed. 

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Re: Huawei B618 router

Thanks Estyle , lets hope this works 

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Re: Huawei B618 router

Have you set the network mode to 4G LTE? I encountered such speed problem with my huawei b618 before, after do a lot of searching I found the network mode is setted to 3G, after change it to LTE, it works very fast.

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