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I can prove that Telkom picks up local LAN traffic as internet bandwidth usage

I have been on Telkom LTE since the beginning of January, and very soon every month my 30GB of normal-hour cap had been reached. I contacted Telkom support, and was basically told that I should find out where the internet-leak is, and block it.


Well, I investigated, and noticed that my internet usage ticked up in multiple mbps (MegaBits Per Second) when my kids watch their videos on the living-room TV. These movies are stored on my PC, and the TV connects to my PC via a local LAN. I went as far as installing a second NIC (Network Interface Card) in my PC, putting the second NIC on a completely different IP (Internet Protocol) address range, and changing the TV's IP address to that same completely diffent IP range. Only then did the excessive internet usage on the Huawei B315 LTE router stop. When I used NetHogs on my PC before I installed the 2nd NIC, it showed traffic between my PC and the TV ONLY...


This makes me doubt the accuracy of the reported internet usage of Telkom's LTE. Is this a case for ICASA (Independant Communications Authority of South Africa)? Why can't Telkom mobile have reasonable reporting on internet usage: showing when (date and time) and where (IP addresses) internet bandwidth was used? I believe Telkom ADSL has such... How can any mobile operator block internet traffic when a cap is reached, or bill a client for additional data, when it cannot prove when and where the internet bandwidth was used?

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