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I dont know any more.....

Hi Telkom,


I know that I as a customer doesnt really matter to you as TELKOM (i mean its only R1000 that I donate to Telkom every month), but please can some one at RAM or RAN network department for LTE please assit with my call  (case 19225240) that was logged on the 1 July 2016 yes you saw right 1 July 2016. Funny thing is that i get a sms every so often saying that my call is been attend to and i will get a follow up sms in 7 day... guess what its the same sms over and over and over. This sms is been send to me a total of 20 + times. So once more i will try, TELKOM please assit with my LTE connection... I use to get speeds up to 48mbps and since last year (2016) June speed at most 3-4mbps (get this, upload speeds are up to 8-9 mbps). YES I have LTE covrage YES I have a external antenna YES I have tried a diffrent LTE modem (2x Huawei B593 and also 1x E5186 Huawei) YES I have tried a diffrent external antenna, and the most common one YES 1000 times over I have switched the modem off for 5min and removed the sim Like that is going to help.... Any way I know how to align a antenna with nice software I found on the net to clearly see the RSRP, RSRQ, RSSI and SINR variables change in real-time. I know how to send AT Commands to the telco aka Telkom. I know the problem is not on my side but rather something that was changed at the Cell tower, need info on this sure, CELL-ID HEX 59530B DEC 5853963 (MCC - MNC 655 - 02), yes there was a telkom field service engineer out to do some speed tests and fill-in his spread sheets with the info he got on ookla's speedtest site, funny he also said its something wrong on Telkom's Cell tower\base..... So yes lots of reading which will proparly fall on deaf ears like all the other telkom cases. Any way still waiting.......


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Re: I dont know any more.....

Hi @kempfr, our Community cannot help with a Service issue, but is rather for peer 2 peer support, but I have directed your details to a team to investigate your issue. Hopefully they can advise on your ooold case.

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