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I give up with Telkoms poor delivery

I battled for a couple of years with a Telkom Highspeed ADSL Line that was terrible and never got resolved, I heard good things about Telkom LTE so switched to LTE in June, the speed was good with 40-50mbps as a norm. It then dropped to 10mbps so I added a Poynting Antenaa to try and improve things, I get excellent signal but lately average 2 or 4 mbps in peak times which is when I need it.


Phone and they just agree that its slow.....


I am told that telkom are throttling the speeds.


Now begins the mission of cancelling.

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Re: I give up with Telkoms poor delivery

I feel your pain Johnza...it's a question of demand and supply which i don think Telkom is anticipating.

Service providers need to start treating LTE customers as FIxed Line customers. on fibre/Cu they can easily tell you, that you cannot get a service, as the DSLAM ports are full etc....On Mobile, it's just sale after sale. No one really cares since what they sell is a best effort service and the assumption is that you'll be having mobility, thereby relieving the congestion on the sites, or backhaul etc...as much as this is true, i dont think Lte users are that mobile. IN addition, throttling so early on in the month? it shouldnt be the case...should telkom not answer your/our concerns, see below their statement on FUP etc.

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Re: I give up with Telkoms poor delivery

i am having the same problem for the last 2 weeks and NO one at telkom wants to help! Facebook, Twitter and Calling them has left me no where. We are still without any network in my area! Smiley Sad Smiley Sad 

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