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Integrated data sim

Hi Guys,  

Hope you can assist.  I've received a call from Telkom which asked if I would be interested in the Integrated Data Wallet which include free SIM and router.  
I opted yes and was told I would receive the Reference number soon and the courier would contact me with delivery details.


This was more than a month ago, still no reference number nor delivery.


How do I get them to contact me again?

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Re: Integrated data sim


I am new here - so excuse the mistakes.

I got my integrated sim card a month after I applied and then waited 2 weeks in vain for the authorisation.

2 Days ago, put it in a Huawei dongle. And plugged it int a 220v plug via a USB reducer and my Tablet, Cellphone & PC picked up the wi-fi signal immediately. It is meant to come from my ADSL package.

For 2 days I have been struggling to get ANY of them connected to the Internet, via this wi-fi signal. No luck.

Not even Telkom service centre, Matrix tech's or 3 calls to Telkom internet support, totalling 4 hours on the phone, could get it going. The wi-fi signal is comming from the dongle - strong - but the connection indicates "No Internet Access". How is this possible?

Anybody using this already? and how?


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