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Is the legal?

I applied for “Smartboradband uncapped wireless” online on the 12th of June 2016. Obviously not to be contacted by Telkom to set everything up. After numerous calls & hours talking to the call centre my contract was set up on the 22nd of June. Another week later (and without Telkom making any contact) and frustrating hours calling the call centre I was informed that something is wrong on my contract. Fixed it with the call centre agent who as per always informed me that a technician will call me for installation. The next morning 2nd July I receive sms from my bank that a debit order (Telkom @799) has gone from my account – after I haven’t received any product yet from Telkom (not even a phone call for a matter of fact!!!). Call centre again and informed this is serious and will be contacted asap. Obviously no call from Telkom and then today (4th July) I receive a sms from Telkom that my application has be declined.


So now I ask, what do I do? Is Telkom going to try and fix this ess up or is my only option to seek legal advice?

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Re: Is the legal?

Hi @PaulB, I have directed your query to Online Sales to investigate.


Bear in mind that the Community is not for Service related issues. Please the following to query further - How to get Help

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