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Issues with correcting contract for Uncapped LTE

Good day,

My problem: I have a 20Gb per month contract for 24 months, where I originally applied for an UNCAPPED service (SmartBroadband Wireless Uncapped) for R599p/m.

On 23 May Ticket Number 2305016-154715 was given to successful online bid for UNCAPPED wireless broadband (SmartBroadband Wireless Uncapped) for R599p/m. 

The following conversations were recorded on my mobile phone:

  • On 24 May at 11h30 0126888994 calls me and the agent processes an application for 20Gb, and says I can still change later (the next day) to UNCAPPED for R599p/m when called by Telkom for delivery.
  • On 26 May at 16h18 I call 10213 after receiving mail with promotional code 4562 - the agent confirms my application for UNCAPPED for R599p/m is pre-approved.
  • On 26 May at 16h40 0126889975 calls me to confirm that my application for the UNCAPPED for R599p/m has been successful and confirmed - I ask him to make sure it is UNCAPPED for R599p/m and NOT 20 Gb, and he checks with the "back office" and CONFIRMS it is for UNCAPPED at R599p/m.

I also made another call from a Telkom landline during the morning of the 26th, where I requested the agent to CANCEL the 20Gbp/m contract.

I received the parcel on 01 June, and was very excited as everything worked great as soon as I plugged it in.  However, on 3 June I received an e-mail from stating that I am on the 20Gb per month package.  As should be clear from the timeline and events described above, I wanted to be on the UNCAPPED right from the start.

I went online on 4 June, and sent various departments a similar message, requesting help with this matter. 

V*** and L*** responded, and V*** e-mailed me (after confirming my credentials) to inform me that the matter has been referred to the sales agent who processed the order to change the package.  She mentioned that they are not available over weekends, and I thus expected a call on Monday 6 June.

Various people from various departments have since been referring me to various other people in various other departments, and still I am waiting for someone to resolve this matter.

I am desperately awaiting someone to assist me with this matter.

Posts: 3

Re: Issues with correcting contract for Uncapped LTE

My issue is fanally resolved!


I have just been called by Telkom, and after explaining my whole story again and holding for exactly 14mins, I was told that my 20Gb contract will be cancelled without penalties and a new contract for Uncapped at R599p/m will be done! Delivery scheduled for (probably) Friday.
Thanks, Telkom Team!

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