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LTE 15Gb deal for R199/pm

I applied online for the LTE 15Gb deal for R199/pm, giving all my financial details on 03/06/2016, at the end of the application it was mentioned that a Telkom representative would contact me shortly.


After waiting til Tuesday the 07/06/2016 for someone to call me I decided to call and enquire; got told by person after person that I've reached the incorrect department but that they would transfer me to the correct one but this just seemed to be an endless loop of me repeating myself and being told the same thing in response over and over again for close to an hour.


Eventually I insisted that someone get the right person to contact me and gave him my details; I was promised that someone would call me back.


It is now Thursday the 09/06/2016 and I still have not heard anything from a Telkom representative?


I would hate to be charged for something when I have not even seen it, which seems to be the experience of others.


Please could I get some kind of resolve for this issue?

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Re: LTE 15Gb deal for R199/pm

Hi @reasonremains, we are not the sales channel, but I have directed your query to our online sales guys to investigate. These deals are very popular and there is a little bit of a lead time.

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Re: LTE 15Gb deal for R199/pm

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Bwahahahaha! This just proves my point... You are basically saying, "...not my department!".


Do I have to find the "Telkom sales complaint department" and the "Telkom online sales complaint department" and the ... etc? Is there not just one place I can make a query or complaint with a prompt non-dismissive reply? 


Also, I'll accept lead times as long as I'm aware of it... what is the lead time? So far I have waited 11 days without an update (13/06/2016).


...It's just madness!

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Re: LTE 15Gb deal for R199/pm

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Good day


Hope they assist you ASAP. If no solution, Kindly contact me, I am contracted to assist.



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Re: LTE 15Gb deal for R199/pm

Finally received a call from Telkom. 14/06/2016

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Re: LTE 15Gb deal for R199/pm

Hi peeps I applied for the same contract online Telkom deducted the amount of R199 from my banking account before they could even deliver the modem.Yesterday they send me an account for R962.00 which is know the second account they also delivered an antenna which is not included in that contract.I went to one of the to query the account they could  not even assist me they only logged a call and said someone will  call me I'm still waiting.Please make sure that who ever assisted you with your application applied for what you asked for.












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