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LTE-A performance concerns - Telkom not helping - 2weeks

Good day,


We are home-office based and we have two LTE providers, one of which is Telkom. A simple comparison between the two proved to be a substantial difference. I have informed Telkom via numerous channels to "please" come to my house and provide some guidance to get this sorted. after 2 weeks, still not and only promises.


I have even purchased and installed 2 x external antennas for the Telkom LTE router, and still its performance is worse the other provider which only uses the indoor / internal antennas.


I need this to be resolved asap, or i have to return the equipment. We cannot work like this unfortunately.




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Re: LTE-A performance concerns - Telkom not helping - 2weeks

I agree performance is so bad browsing is painful. Then it disconnects several times every day.


Try to speak to technical support at 081180 and the call gets switched to 10210.


Eventually get a techie Senzekile who checks the sim card and refers me to 10217 Revan who transfers me to LTE section and Ayanda knows enough. He checks and then opens Case #19828513 for Mobile team to contact me.


After 46 hours Andile Ngcobo in LTE tells me I must wait 48 t0 72 hours even if I am unable to use internet.


Luckily a few minutes later I was able to login to the DWR-730 router and reboot it.


Today I want to search for holiday accomodation and again the router is showing a Searching message.


Try to login to the router to reboot and it takes 20 minutes to get there.


I really do not want to struggle with Telkom any more.

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Re: LTE-A performance concerns - Telkom not helping - 2weeks

This is the exact same issue I am having. I have a case open for a technician to come and install my antenna. Nothing yet. My signal has been completely down since Friday evening. Apparently there are no technicians on the weekend to **bleep**ist with signal issues. I am extremely frustrated!!

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