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LTE-A very slow - No solution in sight, what options do i have?

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I have had 3g/lte and now lte-a for many years with telkom.  In the last year or so i noticed it seemed slower than usual, but it wasnt as bad as it is now. I did report this to telkom in January, and my case is still open with no solution in sight.

The speed is very inconsistent and mostly, frustratingly slow.

The telkom support people keep telling me my case is with the network team or its been escalated, very predictable responses, almost like they have routine.

They sent network people to my place, they did tests and stated that the signal is very bad. I told them that this was checked with their sales people and that I never had an issue over a year ago.

Attached image is off the speed i am get now, reminds me of 384kb adsl from over 10 years ago. I read a few other posts here and this issue seems to be thriving for years. 

How can I get out of this contract?  Paying R650pm for these slow speeds is a rip off.

Tried to upload a speedtest but it keeps changing the image to a yellow filled black triangle, if the image doesnt display the 0.48mbps(download), 0.59mbps(upload), 1430.93(ping),999.62(Jitter):






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Re: LTE-A very slow - No solution in sight, what options do i have?

did the test again today:







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Re: LTE-A very slow - No solution in sight, what options do i have?

I don't know Telkom realize that they give ase wrong information about there speed but the thing is where I stay am far from the tower I don't have that speed same times network it's offline when I try to use Internet or calls I I want them assist me fast
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Re: LTE-A very slow - No solution in sight, what options do i have?

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Its pretty bad, the quality is very low, so becareful.

After i reported my issue, my internet is even worse now.

LTE-A is not LTE-A as they market it, neither is LTE, they are more like low end 3g.

I have experienced 3g in other countries which is faster than these guys LTE-A, but to be fair, it was good, really good, but it's been down hill for the last 6 months and getting a resolution when you need it has been unsuccesful for me.


Just did a test now:

Download: 0.02MBPS

Upload: 0.17MBPS

Ping: 1964.42

Jitter: 644.51


To share my experience with support, I logged a call about 6 months ago, everytime I would follow up, I would get the same response which is that its with their network guys.

I suggest cancelling because you will continue to pay to support a poor network. Goodluck!


When i cancelled I only had to pay for the router, but in all honesty, they haven't delivered what they promised so be prepared to be screwed over.


I attached a screenshot here of my latest results, but doubt this website will show it.



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