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LTE Advanced very slow speed

I'm in midrand and recently upgraded to LTE Advanced. I've noticed very poor speeds and upon testing receive 5mb /sec to 7 maximum. This is the same speed I'm receiving on my mobile phone  vodacom with basic 3G. How is this possible? Telkom advertises speeds of up to 220mb/second but nowhere do they say please expect to receive less than 10mb/sec? Oh and I've moved the router to every nook and cranny inside plus backyard, front yard to see if I get any stronger and no change. Signal appears to be getting steadily worse to the point now that I'm having bad delays trying to stream anything buffering stops and starts all the time. Is there any solution other than trying to fight to get this contract cancelled? Oh and FYI there is no option for fixed line where I stay - cables have not been installed in this area so it's wireless or return to the dark ages Smiley Happy 

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Re: LTE Advanced very slow speed

@Shelleyvn, signal is a funny thing. The strength deteriates as you move further away from a tower. As more people connect to that tower, the radius footprint around that tower also shrinks. As they disconnect, it gets bigger. This is called Cell breathing. There are also various other factors affecting your signal, like trees, electronics, thick walls etc....


What did the coverage map say? Can you see if you are on the outskirts of a tower footprint? You may need a booster antenna. You must report this to 081180. Elsewhere on the forum I have seem people with uncapped send ean email to hso@telkom.co.za

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Re: LTE Advanced very slow speed

Hi All


I stay in Durban, and I installed Telkom  LTE 200gig Month-to-Month. 

Surely LTE is supposed to handle Streaming and large files with ease? I point out for the biggest telecommunication company, their LTE service delivery is shocking. I have purchased and Installed the best Poynting Antenna's my South African Rands can buy with a direct-line-of-sight to the tower. SINR is 18, this is a great signal, but Telkom exchange cannot afford faster than 30MB/s at best averages 10mb/s fluctuating to buffer continue's whiles streaming. as soon as you stream or download large files, you get throttled on a unthrottled service.


looking at Fiber forums, people are complaining about the same problems and the general consensus is you pay for what you get??


Shocking that in one of most expense ADSL/FIBER/LTE countries the consumers are left with no solution.

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