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LTE Antenna installation

I have recently moved homes and my LTE signal is really bad at the new home. I'm trying to find someone to install the antenna in Pietermaritzburg.


I spoke to Telkom they said they would help but its taken weeks with no end in sight. I'm willing to pay for it myself at this point but just cant find anybody. Its taken Telkom nealry a month and still cant get me a contact number.


Please if anybody knows who to call please say


Thank you in advance

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Re: LTE Antenna installation


Those antennas are easy to install though bud.

Takealot have them for sale.

But truth is they don't always actually work.

Sometimes the best thing is to move the router around the house. And also change the settings to 4G(2300mhz)

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Re: LTE Antenna installation

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double post....forum is siff

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