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LTE IP Address constantly changes



Telkom LTE IP Address constantly changes while connected. The connection doesn't cut, the IP Address just changes magically every 2 or 3 minutes.


This causes major issues with my login sessions on certain websites. I'm actually getting banned from using certain websites because of this.


How do I solve this issue?


I called Telkom, and tried to order a Static IP. I had to speak to about 7 different consultants, each one insisting I'm at the wrong department. Eventually after being on the line for a half hour I got fed up and asked the consultant to log a fault and get someone from the Technical Dept to call me. I expect I'll get a call probably next month some time. And if I miss the call they'll just close the fault as is the norm with Telkom.


Anyone else got any ideas here? Telkom is really getting on my nerves with their constant issues. I think I'll just cancel once my contract is up and move over to fibre. This is unbearable.

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