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LTE/LTE-A Outage or no internet connection

Good Day Everyone,


Last week I got  a Telkom Sim card and loaded it with 40/40 Gig. Using my B618 router, the service was good, but only for a week.

The service is so bad that my internet hangs and i get speeds of 0.2mbps and can't even browse.


I'm trying to check if there is a outage in my area or if  the tower is congested or something

This pretty frustrating as I was forced to move to LTE, because Telkom is not replacing the copper due to high theft in area. I suspect that since the cable, Towers are getting congested in the area and providing poor service.


Please could you kindly assist with checking for outages.

Area: Matheson Str/ Eldorado Park

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Re: LTE/LTE-A Outage or no internet connection

Hi @truthbetold


Sorry, but we can’t really help with service enquiries. The forum isn’t manned by Telkom support agents ( we’re customers like you) .  


Have seen Telkom LTE network outages reported in other websites this week - apparently many areas affected. Also hear that online data purchases will be credited to accounts once networks are restored.


This means long queues likely for 10210 support, but you could request feedback online here  :- 



or message their media support teams :- 

Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza



Hope this helps .

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