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LTE Marketing Misleading Consumers ! Slow speeds during peak times !



My ADSL has been down for a week now so I decided to try out Telkoms High Speed LTE offering on a month to month basis ..  I got the 100GB data bundle for R999 pm and purchased the LTE router from a local retailer.


Everything went fairly smoothe with the setup and inititally the speeds were pretty impressive... I was getting anything from 20 - 35mbit/sec download during the day ... HOWEVER ... my upload speed was less than 0.5Mbit/sec which is nowhere near the claimed "up to 25mbit" and even lower than my 10mbit ADSL lines 1meg upload...


As the day progressed the service became what seems more and more congested to the point where it became completely unusable. Local latencies of up to 300ms to local game servers , download speeds dropped to around 5mbit/sec and upload speeds non-existent at around 0.25mbit ... Unless you're just casually surfing or checking emails , you can forget about doing anything else ... Could this be shaping ? Possibly ? I have logged a technical call with Telkom Mobile but they say their turnaround time on assigning the call to an agent is anything from 48 - 72 hours.


In the meantime I will be cancelling my month to month and returning the LTE equipment as I don't see myself staying with this for the forseeable future ...


On a Side note: If Telkom were able to maintain some quality of service LTE might have been a more expensive , but viable option for ADSL users, however it just seems the service is far too unstable to fully rely on as a replacement for ADSL users.


As a very disappointed LTE adopter , I'd like to urge other consumers interested in Telkoms LTE options to please be aware of the pitfalls and don't get hooked by the marketing blurb. I feel sorry for the people who have signed up 24month contracts and are stuck with this.








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Re: LTE Marketing Misleading Consumers ! Slow speeds during peak times !

@CRE4MPIE I think there is a place for LTE. If you are in a good coverage area it is fantastic. But generally I still favor fixed line internet for its stability, and this is where fibre will carry the flag forward. LTE has its place for decent mobility. I think if you get an antenna, you can really improve your speeds/signal

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Re: LTE Marketing Misleading Consumers ! Slow speeds during peak times !

@thesuspect - my signal is fine - during the day my download speeds hit up to 35mbit - however the service is almost unusable from 6pm onwards - very high latency , upload speeds of 0.25mbit ... If it was consistent it would be great - but seems the LTE network becomes too congested during certain hours.

Telkom mobile eventually answered my support call , but I've already returned the LTE router and cancelled the service.

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