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LTE Night Surfer Data Connection - Is it automatic?

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Hi All,


Is the connection to night surfer automatic after 12 or do you need to reboot devices as well as router?

I have contacted Telkom  customer care four times this past week to be told:

The first time I was told that I do not have 4G coverage, that is why I cannot access night surfer and a case will be logged as I checked coverage before signing up for the contract and was told that I have coverage.

The second time - as I did not receive the case number I contacted Telkom again, they operator advised that no case was logged and that they will e-mail the consultant and their manager.

The third time - after no feedback once again, I contacted the customer care department, after speaking with another person I was put on hold for some time and was told that not all queries are logged as cases and that I need to switch all devices off and then on after 12 so that I may connect. The Huawei mobile app stated that i had 0GB so I saw it as not connected to night surfer.

Fourth call - yet another consultant has advised me that I need to call in at 12 when I connect so that some one can assist me with the issue if there is one.


Is this the best Telkom can do?

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