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LTE Package collection



I've been approved for LTE,

1. Would it be possible to collect my package at a telkom store, or do I have to wait for the package to arrive ?

by the looks of the comments on the forum it seems to take a long time to arrive.

2.If I have to wait for the package to arrive how do I track the package with your courier ?


I"ve called the call centre 10213, but as usual it takes hours and nobody answers.


Your assistance will be sincerely appreciated


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Re: LTE Package collection

Hi ,


Point 1. No you cannot collect , apparently they need to courier it if you applied for it online.

Point 2. Trying to find an answer to that myself , I have been approved over the phone , However

last i heard my stuff was still at the back office...... Not sure how long that takes ?? .


As far as i know , they need to capture all your data and a "Test" debit needs to go off on your account , once thats completed

they will submit your order to their couriers .

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Re: LTE Package collection

So maybe we wait for a telkom representative to respond as I

see no reason for a test debit as they do a credit check as part of the application.


I would like to track my package and get it ASAP, i've cancelled my landline because the service from that end

was serious bad news. Now I sit with no internet access at all.


I'd like to get it up running soonest.


I believe that an antenna also has to be installed in order for the system to operate.

Does telkom do the installation or do we have to do it ourselves ?

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Re: LTE Package collection

Hi ,


Ive heard some of the people dont even need the antenna ,

But im sure you can do the install yourself , from what i understand it's not that hard to do anyways ,


I think there is a tech available to you once you have received your goodies.

Not sure how long it takes to get hold of somone to assist though.


As for the debit , your guess is as good as mine ,

I still havent heard a thing , nor had a debit gone off.

So ive no idea what's going on at the moment .


I have also tried calling the customer center today to no avail .

I am trying to contact them as we speak , and ive been on hold for 25 min waiting for someone to answer.


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Re: LTE Package collection

FYI ...




No idea what ref# you need to use though , as all the numbers ive been able to get hold of doesnt seem to work .



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Re: LTE Package collection

I've tried a number received after my telephone application, it doesn't work.
Wonder why they would provide a ref number that does not work.

If you are not the addressee, please inform us immediately that you have received this e-mail by mistake, and delete it. We thank you for your support.
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Re: LTE Package collection

I'll probably just wait, hopefully telkom will provide a solution.

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Re: LTE Package collection

So i stopped off at the telkom store in mall@reds ...

Told the guy i just needed to get the waybill #


He then asked for my ID which i gladly provided.

So according to him , there is nothing for me on the system ??

Im totally confused now . .He said he would escalte to the backoffice and manager .

and would phone me back shortly , Ive been waiting for call for over an hour and a half now ..


So good luck Jitzy01 seems like we'll be waiting forever.


I think i might just get fiber long before i receive any feedback from anyone ...


All they seem to be doing is sending you from pillar to post and hope you get so ** off that you'd rather

forget about everything.


I mean really , How hard could this be ? What annoy's me the most is people promising you that they would get back to you ,

and you never hear a thing again . And every single person ive spoken to has some standard ,, sir i'll phone you back in 15 - 30 min thing.


Really, i must not be in the same timezone then ? my 30 min seems to work out quite different .




That's my 2c's worth ..

Good luck and may the patience be with you .. Smiley Happy

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Re: LTE Package collection

[ Edited ]

Hi @Assasin_Zer0 & @Jitzy01, try the following to track an online order - call 10213 Option 3 and punch in the promotional code '4562#'


The Online sales are handled differently, and the Call Centres and Stores are not always able to track the orders. That is not to say that the order does not exist. They are popular and have a lead time. 

Concerning the antenna - You should get an antenna when ordering Uncapped LTE to boost signal (not always necessary though). They should deliver this, and we have contractors to install.

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Re: LTE Package collection

Eventually got hold of someone as per the post above, thanks.

I was told that my order is with processing and that they would drop me an

sms when the product is dispatched.


Lets wait and see.


Thanks for your assistance.

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